Whether you’re looking for the most capable ranch truck money can buy, a weekend four- (or six-) wheeler, the best expedition vehicle platform available in North America or a custom, go anywhere extreme-duty commercial vehicle, FMTV Truck Sales is the right place.  We love, live and breathe FMTV’s.  Our mission is to share our experience and our passion with you and to provide RELIABLE, safe and affordable FMTV’s by eliminating the “who’s problem am I inheriting”, “who’s going to work on this truck” and “where do I get parts” guesswork out of FMTV auction ownership.  In short, we sell peace of mind and time to enjoy your new truck!!  Take it from us, you have NO idea what you’re getting from surplus auctions or other online sites…we’ve purchased and serviced hundreds!  Most surplus buyers (military truck enthusiasts) enjoy spending months and even years diagnosing problems, researching and sourcing obsolete parts, making never-ending repairs, modifications and upgrades with tools not necessarily suited to the job, sometimes without the experience to perform much of the work at the high safety and quality standards to which we adhere.  We are some of the world’s foremost experts on FMTV selection, repair and refurbishment and FMTV’s are ALL we work on, day in and day out.  We have been selling and supporting versions of the FMTV in the oil & gas and mining industries since 2008.  We inventory or have access to virtually every part on the FMTV, we have torn down and replaced or repaired every part and every system on every version of the FMTV, and we can do so in a fraction of the time or cost, and at a higher level of quality than anyone else.  Until you’ve been immersed in FMTV engineering and mechanics, have purchased, diagnosed, repaired, stripped, rebuilt and maintained hundreds of FMTV’s and know exactly how to properly vet surplus FMTV’s, you really don’t know what you’re getting at auction and will most likely inherit someone else’s very expensive, very time consuming and untimely problems.  Remember…you get what you pay for!  We have the experience, the tools, the skillset, the wherewithal, the attitude and the parts supply required to deliver the highest quality FMTV’s customized and improved to your specific needs at a very reasonable price.

We have strived to perfect the FMTV for commercial and civilian use.  Weather you’re snow plowing, exploring with your expedition vehicle, servicing your heavy equipment or feeding the cows, FMTV truck Sales offers well-engineered, reliable solutions for you for as low as $350/month!

We can’t wait to answer your questions, share our experiences and put you behind the wheel of North America’s most capable wheeled vehicle!